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Raise othersĀ Elo In League of Legends

So here we are talking about the various gaming services out there that many gamers can rely on while they make a living, one of them is an Elo Boost.

Now the most famous game right t now is definitely the one and only League of Legends, I’m sure I won’t have to explain myself what this game is all about as you already know possibly more about it than me; but for the ones who don’t know well then here’s my take on it.

league of legends elo ladders

League of Legends is a MOBA game where 5 people fight versus other 5 people in matches that are generally randomized, and by that I mean the selection of players who will be playing against each other. This isn’t entirely random as you see there’s a thing called ELO and what this is is a rating system where the more you win, or the higher your win to lose ratio is, you will get a higher rating or ranking however you wanna call it, they named it Elo.

Elo Boosting in League of Legends

Now what happens is that in order for you to gain that ELO you will have to match with other 5 people capable of beating the other 5 people, and most of the times this just doesn’t happen as you get matched with people within the same rating as yours. This is a nightmare because most of the times you will lose and at best you’ll end up with a 50% win ratio which as you can imagine, leads you nowhere to be found in the climbing ladders.

For this we advice people to get an amazing ELO boost because it’s the simplest thing ever that you can do in order to achieve the goals that you’ve always wanted in this game; why? because you will just be put with better players than you and you will definitely grow as a player like no tomorrow in the fields of this online moba game called League of Legends.

So don’t hesitate to take the chances and get your elo boosted as it will definitely serve you as a great tool that no one really uses in the recent fields of battle to push their ratings and their skill-sets beyond all the limits of what they considered possible.

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Here a video of this guy trying to get his elo raised and hating how he does it.

The best game is definitely though LoL aka League of Legends


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