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100 3v3 wins mount achievementGamers life is definitely something that people get interested in the minute they hear that someone else is a gamer, it’s such a fun thing to be a part of, especially when you are told that they earn their living like any other normal person but they simple play games to live and earn the money; nothing is better than doing what you love and then making money out of it to make you do it more and more. Dream life if you ask me.

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Ok so what does it take to become a professional gamer? It’s simple, it takes skill and time, just like any other thing, you could argue that talent is a thing that could be held responsible for this but in reality talent is just a manifestation of what hard work and dedication really is. Once you start to play video games you realize the shear amount of effort you need to put into the game if you want to make it into the competitive scene and most definitely there are ways for you to do that, obviously it involves lots of studying, analyzing and practice. Having some form of team is definitely something that helps to encourage you and grow together but it’s not necessarily something you definitely require.

So let’s take league of legends for example, the game of league of legends is one of the best (if not the greatest) games of all times and it involves lots and lots of hard work and patience because you end up in a team of 5 persons so it not only depends in you to win the games or to get to understand what’s going on that you could correct. Most people opt for a league of legends elo boost euw┬ábecause it allows them to move further up in the rankings and actually stop playing with fairly bad opponents, you should all consider that if you find yourself struggling with horrible team-mates and opponents that don’t make your gaming experience grow as some form of knowledge.


So where can you get all these things and learn and become better? Well a good place to start is finding a website which it’s whole purpose is to help players improve their skills, one way of doing this is simply by visiting a place like Elitist-Gaming which it definitely bases it’s principles into boosting the ratings of players to allow them to find better partners and better opponents and just improve at the game in general. You can find them at and you can also learn from them with their guides and partners and everything they have to offer.

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What other things can you do to become way better at the game you might ask? Well it’s simple, you should get coaching, do you know that there’s not a single team on earth in any competitive sport that doesn’t have coaches that help them grow and help them become better? Well it’s the same with gaming, you can find yourself with a coach in no time that will point specifically where you make your mistakes and how you can improve and just go further up in the rankings where you already are. To do this just look online for something like coaching for league of legends and you will find lots of places where you could get this, I also recommend the site that I just mentioned a while back which focuses on improving the gaming experience of other players.



The best game is definitely though LoL aka League of Legends


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