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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • The comic takes place in an Icon store which in City of Heroes is where you can change your hero's costume. Customizing your hero's many costumes is actually a lot of fun 😉
  • The reason I'm wearing a purple and orange suit is because that's what the Icon tailor wears and this comic is about heroes and their costumes.

2006, June 23

Well, there went two months of my free time. Seriously, this thing took a lot of work.

Chances are it wouldn't have taken as long if I had better drawing talent, hadn't done it in color, chose to do a smaller number of frames, etc. etc, BUT I really wanted to try this out for real. I know that I will get better over time if I keep at it so hopefully, I can find the time (and energy) to make strip #2 eventually.

Oh yes! And I also need a name if anyone can think of anything. I'm calling it "Jordan's Town" for lack of anything better so feel free to contribute some ideas in the comments.

Fun Facts

  • Yes that's me and my real wife
  • I don't actually drink coffee. I just added it for the gag in panel #8
  • The gang members in the final panel are called "Hellions". In the game, they can often be found burning down random buildings (thus the joke)
  • Each outfit that Jordan is wearing is a real costume that I've designed (Though I never use Bikini and Bullets in the game. Why I even created it in the first place is kind of a long story)
  • Most of the explosives in the second-to-last panel are genric, but the barrel bomb is a common in-game element
  • Each tattoo on the Hellions gang members is a representation of a website, Anime, or game that I really like. See if you can name them all 🙂
  • After my wife saw the finished product, all she said was, "damn straight!" … Ehem, I think it's a good thing Jordan is purely fictional character because we really do have some propane tanks in the back and, well…


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2 Comments to “Wife Aggro”

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  • Minion: Left: Pacman, Unknown Minion: Right: Unknown Lieut: Left: Totoro Lieut: Right: Unknown, Kingdom Hearts?, Unknown
  • For the ones you guessed, you're right. I'll give you a hint for the rest. The two symbols on the left minion you didn't guess are both website characters. The symbols on the right guy's right arm are all game logos.
  • Jeremy, Awesome first comic! I'll finish reading the rest of them after I go and workout. I can really relate to this comic. I get wife agro all the time from my CoX and WoW time!! I love the marshmellow reference at the end! Great job!
  • hey Jeremy, Your comics are great. When i came to visit you guys the first and last time that we did you were working on this comic.

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