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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • There's no particular significance to the room where this comic takes place. It was just a room with a desk that seemed like a good spot for an interview.

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2010, Mar 28th

This comic came together pretty fast other than coordinating between myself and the creator of this particular cat girl. I had to ask about her attitude, her style, and even her eye color. I work pretty hard to make sure I'm authentic to the source when doing cameos so I hope The_Fox_Rox enjoys this one 🙂

I had planned from the beginning to do at least 7 of these and I got a lot of really great catgirl submissions when I asked. I'm looking forward to the next ones though a regular comic will come before the next catgirl one. I might alternate them for a while.

Fun Facts

  • The Legion of Catgirls is a very active and fun supergroup that I've never been a part of, but am Coalitioned with. At least one of the members has had cameos in my comic before.
  • Though I hadn't intended it that way, it really looks like I'm doing an Intern dayjob 🙂
  • I'm pretty sure our characters won't be able to wag their tail. I'm also pretty sure cats don't wag their tails. However, I thought this was fun and I hope you agree.


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