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[-] Comic Pre-Notes

  • According to their creators, neither Amerikatt (the cat) or Coppercat can speak in human terms though they understand it. This means they have to find other ways to communicate.

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2010, May 30th

I had some trouble finishing this comic while making it make sense… at least I hope it makes sense.

For kicks, here's the original artwork I used for this comic (Thanks to ChristopherRobin for the the artwork of Amerikatt which I based mine on).

I spent a little more time playing the game than doing comic work this month I guess, but I'm excited by the new edition and I want to tie up some of my other characters before then.

Fun Facts

  • Coppercat was very hard to draw. There's a pretty good chance she WON'T be back.


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  • Hi Jordan! Catching up on your comics. Apparently I had left off at number 21, last year. Great to see you are still making them. There are some real gems in there! But on this one I am utterly lost. The 'ba-da-da-da dum' doesn't trigger anything. Some StarWars reference maybe?

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