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It used to be that you could make enhancement recommendations based on the number and type of enhancement. Now that there's hundreds of kinds with varying strength, that's no longer possible. Now build recommendations have to look a little different.

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Finding Help

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

It's kind of depressing to find out that the character you've chosen to play has a critical flaw that makes it useless after many hours of play. You can spend some time researching, what AT to play, what kind of powers to take, and which city to start in.

The obvious first choice would be the game manual and it is good to read, but you will get better answers and more complete data online. While there are a wealth of guides and various sites online, forums are where the lifeless, unbathed play-masters reside. In the very essence of the game addict, they spend their nights playing and their days dodging work to help people like you learn about the game in forums.

Actually using forums is out of the realm of this guide, but they all work basically the same way (If you've used one, you shouldn't have any trouble with another). More useful than that is which forums to use. There are many good ones out there, but I hang out at Rebirth Forums and Rebirth Discord.

Rebirth Stuff

Rebirth Forums

I actually designed the nice-looking version of the Rebirth Forums in 2021 though I should eventually finish up and do the rest (mostly I did the top bar and background). This is a good resource for Rebirth-specific stuff.

Keep in mind that in 2020 and such, Discord is where it's at. People are chatting all the time so you don't need to make a post if you just want to ask a question or have a chat. It's the fastest place to go for simple information or help: Rebirth Discord

Homecoming stuff

Homecoming Forums

Far be it for me to guide you to a competing server's resource, but Homecoming DOES have very active forums due to their size (and their forum design is top tier – better than I can do). If you're looking for information, it's a good resource though keep in mind the data there is generally Homecoming-specific and won't help you with other server.

Online References

Rebirth Wiki

There are a lot of good online references, but the best I know of is Paragon Wiki. It has a massive amount of information that grows all the time. The Rebirth Wiki is the updated version for the Rebirth server and changes which is fairly accurate to most i24 servers.

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