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Screaming Gale’s Story

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Origin and AT: Mutation Defender
Powersets: Storm Summoning, Sonic Blast, Electric Mastery
Age: 17 Years old
Distinguishing Traits: Loud voice. Pony tail. Trail of destruction wherever she goes.
Catchphrase: OMG! TAHTS A LOT OF ENMEIES!!1!


(as told by her father)

Screaming Gale - Storm/Sonic Defender

Gale was a pretty normal kid. Well, I guess looking back she really wasn't, but we didn't know any different. I mean every kid is loud. How were we supposed to know? Sure, there were clues like how my wife always said Gale's crying gave her headaches. Or the time she fell off her bike and scraped her knee. Her bawling set off every dog in the neighborhood. And then there was the time she threw a tantrum because we were having broccoli casserole for dinner… Shattered every piece of glass in the room, heh. I guess that was a pretty good clue right there.

Another thing, and we didn't think anything of it then, but she would watch storms for hours. Rain storms I mean. Anyway, if it was thundering and blasting bolts all across the sky, even better. She wasn't ever afraid like some other kids. Sometimes we'd find her outside soaking wet and cold and her mother'd go on for days after about "common sense" and "coming in out of the rain" and such. Gale would just say she couldn't hear the "song of the storm" as well from inside which would just set my wife off again.

We never could get her to stop standing in the rain. Whenever she was sad, it seemed like a good rainstorm was the only thing that would cheer her up. Come to think of it, it did seem to rain a lot when she was feeling blue. Well, anyway, it became pretty clear that she had "powers" not too long before she turned 15. Her little brother decided to give her a really good scare and hid behind the door. Whew! That was one loud scream. But not just that, it blasted the kitchen stove through the wall and across the yard! And then lightning struck it… three times! Blam! Blam! Whop! Thank goodness it was just the stove (shudder).

So it was about that time we figured that we better get her some training before we lost any more appliances… or worse. We took her down to Hero registration and signed her up. Now, she wasn't too excited about Hero work. She never was too good with scary things and there's a lot of scary stuff in Hero work. But, she's met some real fine kids who seem to be taking her under their wing. Like that Jordan girl. She's got a darkness about her, but I can tell she has a good heart. Seems she's been doing real well in the Hero business so hopefully our Gale can learn a thing or two from her.

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