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Jordan Yen’s Story

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Origin and AT:
Magic Defender
Dark Maisma, Dark Blast, Dark Mastery
16 years old
Distinguishing Traits:
Preference for nighttime, dark places. Signature red stripe. Usually accompanied by Screaming Gale.
It's not that dark you baby!


Jordan Yen - A Dark/Dark/Dark (D3) Defender

For as long and she could remember, in her earliest memories, the artifact beckoned to her. She made many attempts to reach it, but whenever she'd get near, her parents would scold her, and hide it again. But no matter how hard they tried, she would always find it. It's warm presence pulsed like a heartbeat and she could hear its tiny voice speaking her name no matter the hiding place, no matter the magic wards they placed around it.

Once, she'd almost pulled it out of the secret panel in the wall of the basement until her mother snatched it away, swearing. The next day, her parents bought a magic lock-box and placed the artifact inside. With a confident smirk, her father handed it to her and said, "That takes care of that".

Confident as all children are, Jordan hid a triumphant smile and ran to her room, locked the door, and desperately tried everything she could think of to get the box open. Despite her efforts, it stubbornly held tight. After several hours, she tossed it across the room in frustration.

For weeks, Jordan threw tantrums and pleaded, but nothing swayed her parents resolve. All they'd tell her was that it was too dangerous and she'd know more about it "in time".

Time indeed passed, but with it grew her connection to the artifact. At first it was just a presence, but then thoughts and words. She knew without a doubt that the artifact was alive after a fashion and she was concerned about how her parents treated it. After all, she knew, though she didn't know how, that whatever inside wasn't dangerous at all. It felt more like a lost friend that needed to be found. So she set her mind to finding a way to getting inside, with or without her parents' approval. Besides her regular studies, she snuck into the library and pored over ancient texts and scrolls honing her skills in secret. Sadly, even then the box proved to be far beyond her level.

By her freshman year, she'd become a fairly formidable magic wielder far outpacing her peers. She could practically feel her imagined victory becoming real and she was sure it wouldn't be much longer till she reached her goal. She didn't know how right she was.

Though Jordan knew the artifacts her parents dealt in were powerful, she had no idea that they were also valuable, and even less idea how much attention her family had gained among the local outlaws. Several city gangs and dark organizations had been watching with hungry eyes. By chance it was a Hellions gang leader who first found a way past the house protections. Knowing his time was short before the wards were strengthened or before rivals beat him to it, he organized a raid for the next full moon. On that fateful night, just a few weeks after her 14th birthday, the Hellions gathered in ranks around her house under the bright August moon.

Jordan woke to a cacophony of sounds. Men yelling and laughing, her mother's scream, fire bursting from the walls, and the sounds of breaking glass and splintering wood. The Hellions took what they could carry and smashed or burned what they couldn't.

By the time they reached her room, Jordan had already erected protective wards within which she stood defiantly holding her artifact box tightly. Though she acted brave, she knew that her spells were no match for the demon worshipers even before they laughed and strode across the room waving wards out of existence like cobwebs. Jordan curled away clutching the box closely to her chest when she felt it ripped away from her hands. She yelled and whipped around striking out blindly, determined that they not take it, when she froze.

The Hellions had stumbled back as the box floated swiftly to the center of the room on its own. Looking confused, they started to stand up and take stock, but had no time before the box pulsed once, twice and then exploded in a blast of dark energy knocking the invaders against the walls and plunging Jordan into darkness.

Jordan floated in the darkness, unable to see or feel anything except her precious artifact, released and floating silently before her. It pulsed quietly, once, twice, and then whipped suddenly towards Jordan becoming intangible and shapeless as it approached. It plunged into her chest and Jordan stood stunned as waves of sensations washed over her. In an instant that seemed to last a lifetime, the artifact's essence filled her like water in a vase. All at once she knew its true nature.

Jordan was born with strong powers… So strong the elders were afraid of what she might do to herself and those around her. Something had to be done.

They gathered the greatest wizards and witches of their clan. Along with their familiars, fifty in all. Together, they created the artifact, sealing as much of her power as their combined strength could manage. What no one could foresee was that a small part of her lifeforce fractured and was trapped within the artifact as well. The shard of Jordan lived and grew just as Jordan did eventually reaching some level of consciousness. Though not intelligent, it was connected to her and reached out, longing to return. It was this shard of consciousness that, sensing danger to itself through Jordan, wielded the sealed powers and returned "home". A full ten years before the elders had planned, Jordan regained her formidable sealed power.

Collapsing to her knees, Jordan tried to shake off the shock of what she had just experienced. As her human senses returned, she regained awareness of the battle that surrounded her. Despite the rising crescendo of voices and frenetic burst of fire thrown at her in panic, Jordan felt weightless and calm. Even as she and the shard of conciousness became whole, the wild sounds of the battle became soft and distant until the only sound she could hear was her own rhythmic breathing. She closed her eyes…

When the police arrived, they found the gang members running and stumbling over each other to escape, while others begged for protection. Howling spears of dark energy dipped, swirled, and rushed through the air breaking windows, splintering doorways, and blackening the ground in patches. When the dark stains upon the ground rose up into oily black tentacles, even the police started to back away.

As the otherworldly energy in and around the house thickened to an almost palpable intensity, curious onlookers who had gathered froze as the darkness began to growl menacingly. At first a tremor, but soon a malevolent quake shook the ground, trees, and even the air.

Everyone started to turn and run, when, with a lightning crack of energy, Azuria the mystic appeared on the front lawn. Without a word she ran into the house as dark tentacles and black energy disintegrated at her approach and reformed almost as quickly behind her.

Just as the crowd began to worry for Azuria's fate, an unnatural screaming wail sounded across the neighborhood as the nether energies imploded back into the house. No one spoke or moved until, no longer able to stand the onslaught, the sad structure that used to be the Yen home collapsed inward upon itself. The only thing that remained standing was a bright sphere of light. Inside stood a human figure cradling another who was clearly unconcious. Before any details could be made out, with a flash of light and another crack of power, they disappeared and all went deathly quiet.

In the hours that followed, the family sifted through the wreckage salvaging what they could. When neighbors came to offer their condolences and asked what on Earth had happened, they were shocked at the reaction. With a proud smile and tears in their eyes, Jordan's parents beamed, "She's finally ready! Jordan's Hero Training has finally begun!"

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