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Temp Jump/Jet Packs

Last Modified: July 27, 2010

Here is a short listing of the more common jumping and flight packs you can get in the city:


The Safeguard jump pack with the GvE Jump Jet together
  • The jump pack from level 10-15 Mayhem or Safeguard missions mentioned previously.
  • The special jump jet available in the GvE Item Pack. Note that this item has several special properties that make it unique such as it has a long cool-down, but it never expires and increases flight speed (even for hover or flight packs).
  • A special nod to Ninja Run from the Martial Arts Booster. It's one of the few powers that increases your jumping, but it's significant in that it's a strong power available automatically at level 2 or so and increases run speed as well.


Merry Christmas!
  • The flight pack available from level 5-10 Mayhem or Safeguard missions.
  • Mission reward flight packs. This is more of an issue on the red side where you pick up so many of these, it's like bubblegum on the sidewalk!
  • Holiday Jetpacks – These are sometimes given out or earned during holiday events.
  • Purchased Jetpacks. Some zones (Grandville and the Shadow Shard for example) have flight pack vendors where you can just purchase a flight temp power.
  • Day Job Jetpacks – You can earn a jetpack as your rechargable temp power by earning either the Shadow Shard or Grandville day job badges.

I think that covers most of them. Clearly the best are the ones that you get from the booster packs, but don't knock the others. One of the best ways to keep someone in endless supply of free flight packs is to use the mission teleport power (from the Mac Item Pack) along with clever use of missions. Get a mission in the Shadow Shard or Grandville and just before logging off, alway select that parked mission and use Mission TP to teleport to your "day job". Easy 🙂

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