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The Story of Yin and Yang

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

While your power pools are set ahead of time, you can build your costume and story around the concept of the Kheldians and which type you chose to play. For example, I knew that I wanted to play both a pb and a ws. Since I really loved Jordan Yen, I developed an ingenious plan (Mua ha ha ha!)

Jordan Yen's last day as a human

Note, that if you're not a fan of stories, this could bore you and you may want to skip it 😀

Jordan loved being a hero, though at first it wasn't easy. Wielding the powers of darkness tended to give people the wrong impression. It might be more accurate to say that most people couldn't tell if she was there to save them or feed them to demons.

But in only two years, her hard work and dedication were recognized and she was given the title of "Hero of the City". Though she was only 16 years old, she was sitting among the greatest heroes of Paragon City waiting for a portal to spawn for their latest operation.

She glanced around the room and had to stifle a laugh when she thought about the stark contrast between the legend and reality of these famous leaders. Each was revered as a mentor and model to all heroes, but she wondered if opinions would change if people knew what they were actually like.

Manticore, who was actually quite vain, was standing in the back of the room picking barely noticeable specks from his suit. Jordan knew that he was keeping his distance to avoid the dust kicked up during portal activation.

Citidel stood guard directly in front of the portal scanning for problems or signs of attack from the target site. Rolling her eyes, Jordan verified with a glance that no one else was worried. She had to admit that he was a well seasoned hero, but she tried to avoid him. His idea of conversation was a long one-sided lecture. The others would joke about how he could arrest villains by boring them into submission.

In contrast, there was Positron who was chatting amiably with Sister Psyche. Being encased in a technological suit tends to make you look stiff and hard. But when Jordan first met him and shook his hand, she was stuck by an electrical charge so strong she thought her heart might stop. With his face hidden, she might never have known that he'd done it on purpose if he hadn't started laughing so hard.

It turns out that Positron was an incurable prankster and often drove the others crazy with his thoughtless practical jokes. But like the others, Jordan found she could never stay mad at him for long. He'd always find a way to make her laugh and forgive him even if she didn't want to.

Statesman was leaning against a wall trying to look suave while talking to Swan. Jordan thought back to the first time she met him at Pocket D during a party and blushed. He might be old enough to be her father, but that didn't stop him from shamelessly flirting with her.

She snapped out of her musings as she noticed the others making their way towards the portal. She stood up and brushed herself off. As a new Hero of the City, she and several others would now be personally trained by the Freedom Phalanx in Firebase Zulu. The senior Heroes walked towards the portal as it finished forming and stepped through one by one.

Jordan's day-dreaming had cost her in that she now stood at the end of the line. She drummed her fingers impatiently on her arm until it was finally her turn. Mere inches from the portal, she stopped as a siren blared accompanied by technicians loud yells. She spun around to see what was wrong, not noticing the frenetic turbulence forming in the portal behind her.

Everyone fled in panic, except for one man who stopped long enough to excitedly shout something and beckon wildly to her before he disappeared behind the blast door. The portal screamed like a thousand discordant birds and out of the corner of her eye she saw it flex like it had been struck by a giant fist. With practiced reflexes, she bent down and dug in her feet for an all-out run. Even as she shifted her weight to take the first stride, in a instant that seemed to take hours, the portal's spinning tendrils of energy collapsed to a single point, then burst. Trapped in a agonizing moment, she horrifically felt the energy first envelope her back foot, her hips, head, and finally outstretched arm as her world exploded in light and sound all around her.

And then there was nothing.

Yin or Yang?
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Jordan Yin - Warshade
Jordan Yang - Peacebringer

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