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Jeremy’s Missions Guide

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Why do missions

Two major objectives of CoH/V are to level to the max and fully customize your character into a god-like purity and to enjoy the ride by beating down the forces of evil (or good) along the way.

You can certainly go around randomly and fight things until you level, but it's much slower and a lot more boring than doing missions.

Missions get you several important bonuses:

  • Every mission has a completion bonus for experience and influence.
  • If you follow the story arcs through the missions, you get an experience bonus as well as merits for a reward.
  • Many very cool maps and enemies can only be found in missions or TFs

How to do missions

There are three ways to go through missions.

  1. Form a team and clear it.

    The biggest advantage to this method is that you can get the fastest DPS in the game. You will also get to hang out with people which is part of what makes the game fun (assuming you are in a good team (read my Jordan's Teaming Guide for advice on this).

  2. Clear it yourself

    For certain ATs, beating everything in a mission by themselves works very well, but for Squishies, this can be grueling and slow.

  3. Sneak it

  4. All About Being Sneaky

If you have stealth powers, you can sneak through most missions and complete the objectives without fighting everything. For a squishy character who either doesn't want to team or couldn't find a good team, this is a great option.

Getting to missions

Travel is slow and grueling at low levels and can be at higher levels too (especially when a TF or contact sends you all over the place). Make sure to read my Jeremy's Advanced Travel Guide guide for some advice on making this easier.

You can see the mission marked on the map and the screen pointer showing the exact door to enter.

Your current mission is listed in the navigation bar though you can also access your current missions by clicking on the "Missions" menu (also located on the navigation bar). The default location for the nav bar is the top center of the screen.

When you're in the correct zone, a marker will show up on your navigation screen and on the zone map making it very easy to get to the right entrance (just follow the red or yellow arrow).

There are some missions that take place in holes in the ground that you might not see if your graphics settings are too low. If you see the red/yellow arrow pointing straight to the ground, try clicking it. The entrance might actually be there.

Now that you've met your contacts, got your missions, and found the missions, you need to know what to do with with them.

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