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Ouroboros Portal

Last Modified: July 27, 2010

Opening the Ouroboros portal

Oh squeel! This is the greatest thing to date in the landscape of city travel. Ouroboros is a special zone that can only be accessed via an "Ouroboros portal" that you open with a power that you can earn in various ways (which I'll explain in a sec).

The portal can be used almost anywhere (including inside of missions) and teleports you directly to Ouroboros. Once there, you can click on the Ouroboros portal to exit the zone and are given a choice of several zones to go to. It's essentially like being able to teleport directly to a Train! And on that note, if you get one of those "Board Train" missions that lists your mission as a train destination, you can get to those from Ouroboros!

Ouroboros is an especially fast way to travel because you teleport directly to the entrance of Ouroboros and if you just turn around and click the exit portal immediatly, you are presented with a list of available zones to transport to. For heroes, this is most of the higher-level city zones (and also Atlas Park) and for villains, it goes almost everywhere (since there aren't many villain zones).

Hero zones
Villain zones

So now that I convinced you to get one, how do you do it? It's actually pretty easy. Generally you have to be more than level 25 to get it, but there are two ways to get it before then:

  • It's a reward for participating in any time traveling mission. So if the story arc you are on involves time travel, you'll suddenly find yourself in possession of the portal at the end of the mission (blue-side, Faultline arcs are great for this)
  • Go on a Flashback mission. If your SG/VG has a pillar of ice and flame in it, you can get flashback missions as soon as level 10. Complete any flashback story missions and you'll receive the portal power.
Even if you have the power or ask someone to open the portal for you, you still won't be able to get in before level 25

There are also two ways to get the portal power after reaching level 25. Both require that you ask someone else to open the portal for you. Once it's open, click it to enter Ouroboros and then do one of the following:

Getting the O-Portal the easy way
  • The first guy you see when entering Ouroboros is a contact that will lead you on an introductory arc to Ouroboros. It's good to do that at least once just to get a feel for the story behind the zone and it gives you the portal power in the process.
  • The easiest and fastest way to get the power is to simply go touch the exploration badge at the top of the building in Ouroboros. As soon as you get the badge, you get the power too.

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