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Safeguard/Mayhem Mission Travel Powers

Last Modified: July 27, 2010

Shazel jumping from building to building in the late evening

The lowest level SG missions give you temporary travel powers as a reward. Since they each last 2 hours of USE (not real time), you can keep these for a very long time (as long as you don't leave them on when you're not using them).

The Atlas safeguard (or mayhem) which is available from level 5 to 10 gives you a flight pack as a reward. The KR safeguard (available from level 10 to 15) gives you the jump pack. So you basically get fly or superjump 🙂

A few low villains travelling in safety with the Mayhem jetpack

By earning both and using them, you can hold off on getting a real travel power for much longer. Shazel, for example, didn't need any travel power or travel power prerequisite up till level 30. Granted, I'll usually do a Repec so that my characters aren't worthless when Exemping, but the key here is that I get to play with real powers and ignore most pool powers until then.

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Safeguard Mission

Safeguard missions are the Hero equivalent of Villain mayhem missions. You will enter an outdoor instance of a city zone and protect it from vandals and bank robbers. [Click for full description]


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Exemplar or Malefactor

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