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Base Telepads

Last Modified: July 27, 2010

My base telepads to just about everywhere

Bases can have zone teleporters that lead to pretty much everywhere there is to go in the city. You either need a bunch of people in your SG/VG, have a lot of alternate characters, or be willing to wait for a while before you'll have enough Prestige to build a decent series of telepads, but once you do, it can help travel a LOT

If you need to travel, sometimes going to your base for the teleporters is quicker (especially once you get more Telepads) since there are base entrances in almost every zone in the game. Best of all, there are two different ways to get a teleport power that drops you right in your super-base. One is a Veteran Reward and requires that you have been playing for so long that you probably don't need my advice anyway, and the other can be earned through the new Day Job function of I13. By logging out near a superbase portal, you eventually earn the SG base teleporter power which can be recharged by logging out near a superbase portal again.

A view from inside

Lastly, it's good to carry Awakens (or combine for one) so you can Rez without running back to missions. But if you find yourself dead in a hard to reach zone, being in a Super Group helps with this too since you can go to the base instead of the hospital. If you know the base exit is closer to the mission you just died in that the hospital, it saves travel to go to the base. Better yet, if you're in a zone WITHOUT a hospital (which is no issue for Villains yet), going to the base guarantees you come back out in the same zone instead of showing up in the nearest hospital in a neighboring zone.

Note that even if you don't have a telepad for the zone you died in, just use the normal base exit, it will automatically take you to the zone you were last in.

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  • I can't seem to figure out how the base power works, Can you shed any light on this for me? Thanks a bunch!
  • If you’re referring to the dayjob that teleports you to your base, you have to first earn it, then you have to charge it. Both require logging out near a superbase portal. After that, you’ll see a temporary power in your powers list that you can activate to get to your base. You can also get a base teleporter power from having a veteran reward. I forget how long you have to play the game before you get that though. I forgot to include day-job powers in this list though so I'll definitely have to add it.

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