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Jordan Yang’s Peacebringer Builds

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

NOTE! This page has not yet been adjusted for IOs and their affect on slotting and builds.

Peacebringer builds

The first thing you need to understand about Kheldians is that they have such a variety of powers, you'll be hard pressed to decide how to build one. The recommendations I'm making are a build that I would choose for my style of play. Use the knowledge I give you to choose your own style because Kheldians can be many, many different things.

Level 1 to 24

These levels tend to go fast especially with early travel powers. Start by getting used to your new character's playstyle and powers. There won't be much in the way of combos or jaw-dropping moves at first.

01: Energy FlightCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancement01City of Heroes: fly enhancement03City of Heroes: fly enhancement03
01: IncandescenceCity of Heroes: resistance enhancement01
01: Gleaming BoltCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement01City of Heroes: damage enhancement05City of Heroes: damage enhancement05
02: Shining ShieldCity of Heroes: resistance enhancement02
04: Essence BoostCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement04City of Heroes: recharge enhancement07City of Heroes: recharge enhancement07
06: Bright NovaCity of Heroes: fly enhancement06City of Heroes: fly enhancement09City of Heroes: end_mod enhancement09City of Heroes: end_mod enhancement11
06: Bright Nova BoltCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement06
06: Bright Nova BlastCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement06
06: Bright Nova ScatterCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement06City of Heroes: damage enhancement11City of Heroes: damage enhancement13City of Heroes: damage enhancement17
06: Bright Nova DetonationCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement06City of Heroes: damage enhancement13City of Heroes: damage enhancement15City of Heroes: damage enhancement19
08: Radiant strikeCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement08City of Heroes: damage enhancement23City of Heroes: damage enhancement25
10: Combat FlightCity of Heroes: def_buff enhancement10
10: Proton ScatterCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement10
12: Build UpCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement12City of Heroes: recharge enhancement15City of Heroes: recharge enhancement17
14: Luminous DetonationCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement14
16: Gleaming BlastCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement16
18: Incandescent StrikeCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement18City of Heroes: damage enhancement19City of Heroes: damage enhancement21
20: White DwarfCity of Heroes: resistance enhancement20City of Heroes: resistance enhancement21City of Heroes: resistance enhancement23
20: White Dwarf StrikeCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement20
20: White Dwarf SmiteCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement20
20: White Dwarf FlareCity of Heroes: accuracy enhancement20
20: White Dwarf SublimationCity of Heroes: heal enhancement20
20: White Dwarf AntagonizeCity of Heroes: empty enhancement20
20: White Dwarf StepCity of Heroes: empty enhancement20
22: Reform EssenceCity of Heroes: heal enhancement22
24: Conserve EnergyCity of Heroes: recharge enhancement24


  • (for multiple targets) Bright Nova Scatter + Bright Nova Detonation + Proton Scatter + Luminous Detonation. If you have your target's trapped (by terrain or because of a controller effect, you can start this combo with the White Dwarf Flare.
  • (for single targets) Bright Nova Blast + Bright Nova Bolt + Incandescent Strike + Radiant Strike. By the time you finish this combo, your nova powers should be recharged so you can switch back to Nova and start again.

Play Tips

  • Starting a battle in Nova Form is good to get a few good hits in, but then switching to human gives you better defense and access to your heal powers while finding a safe time to change back to Nova for the damage.
  • Build Up is obviously a good thing to do before any combo, but try to alter the combo to use human powers first since the animation delay in changing to Nova form sucks away your precious BU time.
  • Use Conserve Power just before launching your biggest combos and especially when fighting monsters and avs.
  • In battle, if I find out there's a strong jtagwrite="mezzer"/> or some control effects that cause knockdown or such, I'll switch to dwarf until the effect/enemy are gone. Also if I'm starting to get in over my head, switching to dwarf for the defense firing Dwarf Drain to recover life. Your endurance will come back fairly fast because your attacks are too slow to drain it quickly.

I haven't gotten much higher than 24 so far so I'll update when I have something to say. The one piece of advice I can give people who like to slot their squids or Dwarfs is this: Though it may only be a bug that the devs will fix soon, when you do a respec, you can slot your Nova and Dwarf powers from level 1 instead of the level you got them. This lets you steal slots from low level powers that you might not have wanted to use for those powers.

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