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About Peacebringer Powers

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Rather than my Warshade, a Peacebringer plays far more like a Scrapper. You still get the flexibility of the various forms, but your attacks are more powerful and you're build to be self-sustianing.

Peacebringer Inherent Powers

It should be noted that a PB's secondary effect on all powers is lowered defense. Therefore, every time you hit an enemy, they become weaker than before. Therefore, you become comparatively stronger the longer the battle goes on.

The second thing to note is there are so many powers available that slots become very valuable. Only slot powers beyond the auto-slot if you really use them. That being said, if I list more than the auto-slot for a power, it's because I think it's that good :D.

The classic three

With the inherent travel power and the tri-form nature of the PB, you really don't need any of these powers. You might use brawl in early levels just as a filler attack, and you might need rest until you get your Nova form at level 6 (unless you go all human), at any reasonable level beyond 8 or so, these can be safely left blank.

01: BrawlCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
01: SprintCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
02: RestCity of Heroes: empty enhancement02

Realistically, I don't bother slotting either Sprint or Rest after the first 10 levels or so. If you switch forms enough, you'll never use Sprint and you tend not to need Rest either. Even if you go all human, you still won't want sprint because you have travel powers from level 1 and really don't need them.

Energy Flight

Fly only cooler looking

You have this power from level 1 and it works exactly like the Power Pool version except with a cool colored effect. It's really neat to have full flight capability from level 1. It makes badge hunting with a PB very easy.

Minimum SlottingCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancementCity of Heroes: fly enhancementCity of Heroes: fly enhancementCity of Heroes: fly enhancement

Combat Flight

Same as Hover.

The same as the Hover from the Power Pool with better colors 🙂

Minimum SlottingCity of Heroes: fly enhancement

If you use it at all, you'll want it to be able to go faster so slot fly. At extremely high levels, if it goes fast enough, you might swap Fly speed for Defense enhancements.

Power Pool Recommendations

  • Fighting

    I really wouldn't bother here. You already have smashing and lethal defense and you don't need the attacks. It will depend mostly on your concept, but in general, I don't think you'll see much benefit from them.
  • Concealment

    Depends on your playstyle. There's no special reason to get concealment, but there's no reason to skip it either. Make the call based on how you want to play.
  • Presence

    Unlike a Warshade, I can see a PB making this pool work. PB's are all about ramming the font gate so-to-speak. They're strong enough to withstand a lot of damage and they dish it out well too.
  • Medicine

    I've never taken this pool on a non-support character, and you'd be wasting time a bit considering that you already have two self-heals, a team heal, and a self rez.
  • Leadership

    Toggles are kind of a pain for form-changers. If you plan to make an all-human PB, then maybe.
  • Teleportation

    You're locked out of this pool. You can't take it even if you want to.
  • Fitness

    There are some Archetypes and builds that can skip the Stamina series. Peacebringers are iffy on this. I'm trying to find ways to skip Fitness so I can fit in more main powers. So far, by using self heals, health isn't a problem. Conserve Energy helps too, but I find myself resting a lot. I'm experimenting with using the endurance recovery bonus of my Nova form to gain back endurance between battles, but it's been slow so far.

    I'll keep experimenting and update when I get something working, but if you go full human, you will definitely want Stamina.

  • Speed

  • This seems like a wasted pool to me. You might be able to Hasten, but I don't see any advantage to Super Speed or the other two powers in the set.
  • Leaping

  • You already have fly and resistance to everything that Acrobatics can give you with Dwarf. There's no point to this pool at all.
  • Fly

  • You're locked out of this pool. You can't take it even if you want to.

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  • powerful beyonder says:
    what do u mean when u say acrobatics protects from toggle drop?
  • Acrobatics gives resistance to holds. If you get held, all your toggle powers (like shields, stealth, and anything else that you have to click once to start and click again to stop) immediately turn off. This is known as a “toggle drop”.

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