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Jordan Yang’s Story

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Origin and AT:
Natural Peacebringer
Luminous Blast, Luminous Aura
16 Years old
Distinguishing Traits:
Arrogance, Impatience, Yin/Yang symbol on chest, seems to be searching for something…
Bring it punks!


This won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read Jordan's Kheldian Story

Jordan drifted in the void. As her consciousness roused, she realized that she couldn't see or feel, all physical sensations were gone. She thought back. There was an accident. Something had gone wrong with the portal she entered, but… the thought escaped her.

An uncontrollable rage filled her. She wouldn't let it end this way! There was no way she was going to be taken out for something so stupid! As she began to lose herself in her anger, she felt a strong presence and then words formed in her mind:

"Child, you have been wronged. I can see the great justice and righteousness within you. Like you, I fought for right with all my power and fury, but a mistake has brought me low and my end is near. But now, an opportunity… I may be able to strike back after all. With the last of my power, I can return you to where you belong."

His words brought her sudden clarity. She thought about her life fighting for justice. Despite all she'd accomplished, she was only 16. She had hopes and dreams; far too much life left to live. A chance, even a small chance to return to what she was…

Then she paused suspiciously

"What are you?"

"I am a Kheldian. One of the greatest of my kind!"

She knew of the Kheldians and their dual existence as humans, but she'd never envied them. What was it like to never have another moment alone? To exist in duality with another being? To have to share your own body? But she was confident she could overpower the being for control…

"I accept," she said. "Together we will live to fight again."

"No," he corrected. "I am too weak. Though my power and physical essence shall become yours, my awareness will dissipate." Jordan sensed his bitterness change to maniacal glee as he continued, "But it matters not. Had you not come, the end would be the same, though now I will have revenge. With you, the evil that crawls the universe will again know fear! Now hurry, my time grows short!" His "voice" was growing fainter.

Jordan's only had to think for a moment. A return to life and immense power? She bubbled with excitement as she reached out to embrace the being. With a tiny pang of compassion she asked, "What is your name?".

As his life force fused with hers, she reeled as the world started to spin and roar all around her. "My name is greatness. My name is power. My name is righteousness. But the important question, my young legacy, is what is your name?" Jordan could barely hear him now. "My name? What is my name?"

She felt dizzy and closed her eyes. Eyes! In shock, she reached up to touch her face. Hands! She opened her eyes. The cocoon of blistering light that surrounded her began to peel away in wisps and she found herself standing high on a building in Paragon City.

Regaining her balance, she stood up straight. She paused and looked down at her hands, palms then backs, as if trying to confirm the reality of it all. She willed power to appear and it obeyed, shooting from her hands into the sky. Searching inward, she felt the last glimmer of the Kheldian flicker… and disappear. She repeated the question aloud, "what is my name?"

Feeling the emotions surge within her, she closed her fists and looked out over the city she fought to protect, the city she loved, the city she'd died and returned for. She began to laugh, "Not even death can stop me. I'll fight again, only stronger than ever before! My name… is Jordan Yang!"

And a harsh laughter echoed among the buildings as Jordan Yang took to the skies.

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