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November 14, 2010

Flamesong Making Sushi

Filed under: Art,Colored,Modified Screencapture,Requests — Jeremy
Flamesong making sushi

A description by her creator:

Flamesong is a Fire / Fire Tank. She dresses like something off of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. She lost her pirate hat in a fight with Lusca. She's an ally-cat at heart, preferring the dark corners of the city. Not much else is known about her due to the tendency of the City Hall Records building catching on Fire shortly after any new information is filed on her.

Here's the source picture I used:


I really liked the idea of her fighting Lusca so that's what I drew. You can even see the hat being squished by an angry octo.

For several reasons, I put a LOT of effort into this. One is that this if for one of my contest winners (yes, the one from back in MAY). Also, Saist (the creator) did some of my guest guides (here and here).

I hope this picture made him smile at least 😀

July 24, 2010

Relinquisher and Team

Filed under: Art,Colored,Modified Screencapture,Requests — Jeremy
Relinquisher and the team

For this I decided to go all out since this is a prize from my contest. Besides drawing just the villain himself, I included one of each of his mercenary types. I took some liberty with their attitudes and such, but I'm confident Relinquisher will like it.

They're on a ferry waiting to enter part of the rogue isles and passing the time the way they know how.

Here's what I worked from:

Original pics of mastermind pets from

And story by the creator:

As for Relinquisher's attitude he has been completely consumed by wrath because he was betrayed in Vietnam.He gained his powers by falling into a previously thought to be extinct plant that changed his DNA. Making him have super human strength, life, ect… . He now uses the vast amount of resources from his arms dealing corporation called Black Light Corp. (my super villain group) to hunt down his traitorous lieutenant.

His power sets are poison and mercenaries [ he has all of them ] mercenary because of his large and ever growing Black Light Corp. Poison because of the giant plant in Vietnam that altered his DNA (it should be noted the DNA change caused him to lose all his bodily hair and his veins pump green blood). He also favors the sniper rifle model since he was a sniper in Vietnam. His message to his troops is { Be sneaky. Be evil. Be Snevil ! [ lol ]

He will, on occasion, attempt to trick newbs into giving him money or be killed. :] Not to worry only made a few hundred insp so far. He is a villian after all

May 11, 2010

Zalya Pounce!

Filed under: Art,Requests,Sketch — Jeremy
Zalya Destrali out hunting

My fourth catgirl sketch! This one was particularly difficult due to angle and perspective, but I had fun with it. The is the first one that includes action and other characters. Kind of like a mini comic 🙂

Here's the background story Akaiku provided that led to this sketch:

Zalya Destrali, Petty red-haired thief and thug until one day the great poisoning of the water of both Rogue Isles and Paragon gave her, like so many others, feathered wings. Siezing on the confusion, she flew through a high window in a Paragon Police headquarters she snuck next to and stole most of an experimental armor suit. Now she goes around pouncing things for fun and profit, often from large heights causing rampant property damage.

She has tried several times to add claws to her armor, but they keep breaking off, to her irritation. She is glompy to people she likes, but that often doesn't end terribly well. More likely to roar then mew as she's more lion then kitten.

And here's the original screenshot:

Zalya Destrali screenshot

April 27, 2010

Fia dam Poesje

Filed under: Art,Requests,Sketch — Jeremy
Fia dam Poesje

Third catgirl art and my favorite so far. I was really inspired by the awesome concept that the three photon seekers were actually kittens. I decided to draw them all (can't leave out the little kitties after all!).

Here's a self-description from her creator: Blackberry Thorn:

Fia was just a normal, every day stray cat, living in the alley ways of Steel Canyon. She was a mama cat, taking care of her little kittens behind a dumpster in a certain alley, when some stupid Hellions decided to light the near by building on fire. In a panic, Fia managed to carry all three of her kittens away from harm, one at a time. Unfortunately, she inhaled too much smoke, and was about to black out, when a light approached her from above.

A wounded Kheldian Peacebringer drawn to her act of bravery, and sacrifice, decided to use the last of it's life to fuse with the dying feline, creating a new life from. Fia dam Poesje used her new found powers to share some of her life with her kittens, and each one in turn became a new being of light. Now she uses her powers to protect any on in danger she may come across. She has a nurturing personality, and can be a little over protective at times, letting loose the wrath of a mama kitty scorned when some baddie is stupid enough to hurt an innocent near her.

Her three kittens travel with her in light form, waiting until they grow up some more to fight on their own.

Fia dam Poesje

April 15, 2010


Filed under: Art,Requests,Sketch — Jeremy

My second art piece in the catgirls series. Another member of the Legion of Catgirls and a hard costume to draw due to details and coloration. Because it was hard to get a sense of the different colors (black and red), I decided to color the red parts.

Here's a self-description from her creator: FF7Aeris:

Fire… such a wonderous chemical reaction isn't it?? But… what if your cat suddenly starts radiating fire…. what do you do then… Ship it to Paragon of course!! Arriving at Sleepy Kitty's doorstep in a fire retardent box… Sleepy opened to find a flaming kitty…. Soo… wasting no time, Sleepy inducted the fiery one into the LoC and thus began a new page in the catgirl chapters of Paragon City…. Pyro-Cat was what she was dubbed, and she is a favorite regular at the annual LoC cookout. Like most catgirls, Pyro tends to let her curiosity get the best of her, but with a spirit of iron, and a fireproof plushie in tow, she walks forth into the world a new breed of hero itching to show what she can do…
Pyrocat in the game

April 11, 2010

Drumstick Delusion

Filed under: Art,Requests,Sketch,Uncategorized — Jeremy
Messing with your arch-nemesis... priceless!

This is the first artwork piece I've done for my Call for Catgirls on the Battleclinic forums. These two were listed together so I decided to draw them both. In this case, Tripolar is messing with NegaTrip's head 🙂

I'm sure there are all kinds of things wrong with this that I'll notice later when I'm more skilled, but for now, I think it turned out kind of nicely.

A screenshot of the actual characters

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