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On these pages, I will share with you the experiences I've had while playing this great game in order to hopefully provide some inspiration, help you be more efficient, and, most of all, help you have more fun!

There are several "character guides" which are the full writeups on my favorite characters (usually ones that are in my comic) and there are several others as well. Be sure to check out the character creation and customization guides for tips on how to make a Hero or Villain who's not only highly effective, but fun to play and show off 🙂

Character Guides

Each main character in the comic has their own guide. Click their picture to read all about their story, their powers, builds, and combos.

Screaming Gale
Jordan Yen
Dark/Dark/Dark (d3)

Other Guides

Of course, you didn't expect that to be all I had here did you? Here are some of my other guides to various aspects of the game including one or two characters that aren't in the comic (yet).

Guest Guides!

Dark Armor / Energy Melee Tank Guide by Saist (i17)
Willpower / Stone Melee Tank Guide by Saist (i17)
Magic Desks Guide – Used for awesome superbase construction.

Under Construction

Personal SuperGroup

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