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Having a superbase is great for a lot of reason and Telepads is one of them.

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Long legal things suck. So I’m not going to do it. There’s a little bit of stuff below, but in general, don’t be a putz.

Terms of Service

Terms of service… let’s see… Uh… Ok, I’ll make guides and pictures and comics when I can (as real life permits) and you guys enjoy it? Well I suppose I can’t MAKE you enjoy it. Maybe you could at least promise to be polite when commenting and not use my site in weird and nasty ways. That’s probably good.

Privacy Policy

Well, my server picks up some data from your browser and stores in it logs, but I don’t have any mechanism built into this site for tracking you. Unless you provide data (like your name or e-mail address) in comments or forms, then I have no way of knowing anything. It’s pretty straightforward that if you post something in a comment, everyone in the world can see it. I’m not going to give away your e-mail addresses, but understand that there are server bugs or other things that might lead it to become available to someone besides me. If the fate of the world depends on your e-mail address never being discovered, don’t provide it here. Go get a free e-mail account somewhere that you can use for less secure sites. Oh, I do have some recommended products and services on this site and when you click the links, it provides the recipient site with a code that tells them I referred you. This isn’t a privacy issue since they already can already know where you came from just because you clicked a link. The code is just what is used to give me credit for anything you buy there. Please make sure to use my links when you go to my partner sites so I get credit 🙂


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