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Invention Origin Enhancing

Last Modified: August 7, 2010

This is one of the major components to power customization. IOs are by far the best enhancement type in the game, but before I explain, let me go over the alternatives:

Training Enhancements

Training Origin are the cheapest, weakest and the first kind you see. They drop randomly from enemies and will be the first and easiest way for you to buff your powers and/or make some money. Their biggest advantage is that any type of hero can use them.

It used to be that you could get a level 40+ training enhancement drop from enemies, but they've finally fixed that. I mean, honestly, how does it make sense to have a high-level "training" enhancement. Isn't that contradictory by definition?

Dual-Origin Enhancements

Dual-Origin enhancements can be gotten around level 14 or so and they're more powerful than TOs, but can only be used by one or the other origin represented by border shown (in this case, Natural and Magic).

They are also dropped randomly by enemies, though the type that is dropped depends on the enemies you fight.

Single-Origin Enhancements

The most powerful standard enhancement type. These are purely Origin based meaning that only one origin type can use a particular type of enhancement (thus, single-origin).

Hamidon Origin Enhancements

The first type of enhancement that gives multiple bonuses (for example, buff's damage AND accuracy). Clearly these were highly prized, but the only way to get them was to defeat Hamidon which is hard, takes a long time, and only gives one of these types of enhancements when you defeat him (and what you get is random and may be useless to you). Clearly not for the casual gamer to bother with.

Invention Enhancements

These enhancements can be made with a combination of recipes and materials (which can either purchased from Wentworth's/Black Market or you can collect from enemy drops). Or if you don't want to wait and have the cash, you can just buy the enhancement directly from the market (if available). I think these far, far kick butt on all other enhancement types.

Note that Invention Origin enhancements come in two styles: sets (shown left) and standard (shown right). The sets have special bonuses when you use more than one of the enhancements in a set and the standard don't give any bonuses, but are typically stronger than any other type of enhancement just by themselves.

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