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Superbase Teleporter

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

If you are part of a supergroup (or built your own solo like I did), and your base has many (or all Base Telepads), it can save you an immense amount of time to teleport to your base and then to your destination zone from there.

Also, many bases have crafting tables, salvage storage, and inspiration sales. Teleporting there lets you access all of those then go right back where you were (if you TP to your base then exit through the normal entrance, you'll reappear where you TP'ed from).

Generally, you activate the base teleportation power and are presentated with a screen that offers a choice of teleporting to your base or that of any group you are in coalition with.

There are three ways to teleport to a superbase directly and one way to do it indirectly.

Veteran Reward

Simple enough: Have an active account for a total of 2 years of time. Granted, that's not good for new players and it's sucky to not have a faster way to get it so I won't stress this one too much as there are other ways that you can use quite a bit sooner.

Day Jobs

This one takes a while, but not too much longer. You have to log out near a superbase portal and stay there for 21 days. As with any Day Jobs, you'll need to make sure that any character you're actively playing logs out at the end of each session near a portal until they get this. And then once they've earned the power, you'll need to continue to log them out there to charge it (up to 10 charges, one per day logged out there AFTER you earn the power).


Either dying on purpose or on accident will give you the option of transporting to your base so long as you have a medical transport somewhere in there (every self-respecting group does).

The clever way of doing this is to use the Self Destruction power from the Cyborg Super Booster to die without debt. In this way, it becomes a de-facto base teleporter!

Gale self destructs (video 7.5Mb)

Pocket D

The last way, the indirect way is to teleport to Pocket D with the Pocket D teleporter in the Good vs Evil Item Pack if you have it. Because it's a special zone with a base portal inside, it will almost take you right to a base.

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