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Basic Binds

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Here are a bunch of really good binds that I use all the time. They should be useful no matter what type of character you use

A Warshade slapping a Void. Whee! (Video: 1.8Mb)
/bind [ em smack /bind ] em slap

This lets you hit [ and ] one after another to do a Three Stooges-esque slap back and forth across someone's face (or butt if your character is short and theirs is tall).

/bind f5 "em welcome$$team <color #ffffff><bgcolor #000000>Welcome!"

Used to welcome a new member to a team. I said it so often, I put it on a bind. For any bind that involves speaking, I make sure the color values match the chat bubble colors I chose before. Note that it's actually easier to chose these first and match the chat bubble to IT rather than the other way around.

/bind f6 "em clap$$local <color white><bgcolor yellow>Gratz!"

Tired of typing "gratz" in the middle of battle when someone dings? Now it's just one button and includes an emote and custom colors. Note that the emote does not affect your fighting so go ahead and do it in battle 🙂

/bind f7 "em point$$local <color #ffffff><bgcolor #000000>Bring it!$$team <color blackgt;<bgcolor green>Ready!"

Here all I've done is add an emote (other than the default thumbsup) and some local text that theoretically will match the character of the hero/villain I'm playing at the time. I tried just replacing the "Ready" text, but it confused people so I put custom text in local instead.

/bind f8 "local <color #ffffff><bgcolor #000000>Ick! It's a $target"

Pointing out an enemy with my 'Ick' bind

The goal here is to point out to the team that there's an enemy of particular importance. Either that or something interesting or useful. Here are some examples:

  • Ick! It's a Void Slayer!
  • Ick! It's a Hostage
  • Ick! It's a Superdine Case

/bind enter "afk Whoah! I gotta think about this$$startchat"

This is that cool bind you've probably seen others do that puts a little bubble with text over their head when they're typing. The way it works is that instead of clicking on the chat window to talk, just hit the enter button. This will put you afk with your custom message while you type. Then just hit enter again to say whatever you wanted to say.


I actually use a Seek Bind for this now as it works much better, but I'll leave this section here for those who find it useful

/macro seek "target_name ich"

The SEEK macro lights up a captive for me

This very important scouting macro must be a macro because you need to change it often and changing a macro is easily done by right-clicking it and selecting edit (much easier than binds). The way this works is it will ONLY target anything on the screen with the letters in their name that match what you put in. For this example "ich", only characters/enemies with names like "Micheal", "Michelle", etc. will be targeted.

NOW, if you're paying attention, you'll realize you can also write things like "target_name captive" for "find captive" missions, "target_name eton" for "find Detonator" missions, and "target_name quip" for "protect Lab Equipment" missions. Anyone who's played a lot (which you should have by now if you have a Kheldian), knows how frustrating it is to find certain targets sometimes. This macro helps A LOT! And when the target changes or you have a different mission, just change the macro.

Note: I put this particular macro in my Nova tray because flying around is generally the best way to look around for stuff.

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Seek Bind

A "seek bind" is used to find items, enemies, or anything else that you can target much faster. For example, if your targets are "crates" or have the word crate in their name, type this:

/bind f target_name crate

Then tap F as you run around to auto-target anything that matches "crate" in your line of sight.

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