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May 17, 2010

Jordan Yen by Solarix

Filed under: Art,Colored,Fan Art — Jeremy

This very impressive piece was done by a long-time forum-friend of mine, Solarix – LD, as an entry for the May '10 Jordan's Town contest! Because of the obvious time that was put into it, this counts for at least two entries (maybe three, I haven't decided yet).

In either case, I secretly hope if he wins that he doesn't ask for fan art of his character because I doubt I could do as good 😀

February 26, 2010

Christopher Robin – Shazel and Garuk

Filed under: Art,Fan Art,Garuk,Shazel,Sketch — Jeremy
Shazel and Garuk by Christopher Robin

A real artist and player of the game noticed my comic and decided to do this piece after seeing New Friends, Part 8 - Sunset (Finale) which he found inspiring for some reason. Probably he couldn't stand how wrong I was doing some of the costume details like Garuk's horns 🙂

Speaking of, he's got a special post with samples of those particular horns because they give all us amateurs trouble 😀

On the other hand, he said this was his first time trying anime-style eyes and asked if I had any input. I modified the faces a bit to be more in-line with the style here:

Psuedo-anime modification to Christopher Robin's art.

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