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Final Notes on the D3

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Let's see… I found that I couldn't begin to handle the Shadow Shard because the accuracy debuffs and holds didn't seem to work at all (but oddly, fear did). Carnies were also very tough due to the strongmen who hit VERY hard. Recluse's Victory is just about a waste of time. If any of the signature Villains notices you, you're in trouble in a hurry. Also, you might be able to play PvP with the right build, but this isn't it. A D3 is good for team PvP, but solo, not so much (damage output is way too low).

On the other hand, badge hunting with Jordan is very easy. Flight helps to find and reach enemies and exploration badges as well as to travel around without getting stuck. Because of invisibility, getting the temp powers and badges in PvP zones is easier too. As a healer, you can get heal badges that non-healers can't.

D3's get the best pet in the game by far and have unique defenses against Psionics which few other characters have (and the only team Psionics defense power). D3's also get the best Rez in the game which doubles as a AoE stun.

In all, I have never once regretted making a D3. The person who told me how fun they were was dead on. Now that several villain types have access to dark powers, it's not as unique as it used to be, but as far as hero-side goes, it's still completely one of a kind.

Bonus: Jordan's 50th

Jordan was a fun character to bring to level 50. Even though I was excited to play with my Kheldians, I knew I would really miss the fight with Jordan. Of course, that's why I made my PB and WS into two aspects of her (couldn't let go ).

You should have seen me that night. Woo! It was an amazing feeling to make it to 50 the first time.
Can we say, ''new toy''? Time to make some Kheldians!
Woot! My Kheldians would be the light and dark parts of Jordan (That's why their symbol and names are Yin and Yang)
Jordan Yin, the light half of Jordan's personality
Jordan Yang, Jordan's darker half as a Peacebringer

Of course, now you can get "epic" archetypes at only level 20 which I think kind of cheapens the whole thrill, but it will allow others to play with them which is good too.

That aside, be sure to check out Jordan's multi-billion influence build. In her "hopefully" final build, I ended up getting rid of Air Superiority and taking Hover instead as a pre-req for Fly. The reason is that I mostly team at higher levels, i17 Vigilance makes me more powerful alone anyway, I don't need the control as much as say a Blaster would, but I DO need the most defense possible.

Other than that, the build is mostly the same as my level 50 on the previous page, just that because of expensive sets, I was able to shuffle slots around for best effect and get to massive set bonus values! Here's a preview:

  • 72% regen
  • 63% accuracy
  • 23% end recovery
  • 20% recharge boost
  • 16% damage bonus
  • 11% hitpoints

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