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Customizing Your Kheldian

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

As I describe in my Character Generation Intro guide, the more you customize the look, the story, and Binds for a character, the more you generally like and play them. If you really want to have a good time with your Kheldian, you need to expend some time and effort to develop them. Plan to set the following for your new characters:

  • Custom HUD
  • Custom Binds
  • Custom Macros

Custom HUD

Changing window colors

HUD stands for Human User Display (or something like that) and refers to the controls and windows all over the screen (chat window, target window, power tray). You can't customize them much, but here are some suggestions that I have:

  • Change the color to something other than the default. For me, I made it match my character's color (which was the kheldian's color scheme). This is VERY easy to do. Go to the menu, select options, find the graphics and audio tab and there are sliders for selecting the color of the HUD.
  • Change your chat color to something other than the default. I also have this themed based on my character's colors. The very last option in the graphics and audio tab is the one for changing the chat bubble's colors. You can change background and text (not border apparently.
  • Changing chat colors
    Use your power tray wisely! One tray for Nova Form and one for Dwarf. You can put all of the powers and macros that are used for one form in a single which makes it a lot easier to use.

Custom Binds

Binds are almost necessary when using kheldians, but they're fun all the time if you use them right :). See my Binds Guide for some generic character binds and see below for Kheldian specific ones:

Rapid Human Form

/bind left "powexec_toggle_off Black Dwarf$$powexec_toggle_off Dark Nova$$powexec_name Unchain Essence"
/bind left "powexec_toggle_off White Dwarf$$powexec_toggle_off Bright Nova$$powexec_name Build Up"

This will put you in human form and instantly fire one of the powers that makes the most sense. For Warshades, Unchain Essence can be a hard to use power in the middle of battle, but not anymore. Just kill an enemy then hit left and it fires automatically!

For the Peacebringer, I had Build Up, but always forgot to use it. This way, when I switch from Dwarf or Nova to human for a beat down, I've already launched my damage boost power. While in human form, if you want to launch Build Up quickly, just hit left again.

Rapid Nova Form

/bind up "powexec_toggle_on Dark Nova$$goto_tray 3"
/bind up "powexec_toggle_on Bright Nova$$goto_tray 3"

The important things to note about this bind are that it uses a "toggle_on" instead of "toggle" or just "powexec_name" because if you hit the button rapidly (as I tend to do when lagging or overly excited), this will prevent you from going into Nova form then out of it again accidentally. The other thing it does is change your power tray to your "Nova" tray.

Rapid Dwarf Form

/bind down "powexec_toggle_on Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 4"
/bind down "powexec_toggle_on White Dwarf$$goto_tray 4"

Same thing, but for Dwarf form.

Dwarf TP Bind

/bind ctrl+lbutton "powexec_name Black Dwarf Step"
/bind ctrl+lbutton "powexec_name White Dwarf Step"

This allows you to point the mouse at a position on the screen, hold the ctrl button and click the left mouse button to teleport to that location. This will not give you the target that normal teleport does, but I don't find that to be a problem when it Dwarf form. I'm either starting an attack with people who are close to me or running away, neither of which requires careful targeting like actual travel does.


Editing a macro

First remember that macros and binds are the same thing, just that a macro is listed as a power in your tray. Binds are often faster, but there are some important reasons to do a macro instead:

  1. You start to forget which key is what especially for different characters. If you have more trouble remembering what does what, use a macro
  2. Macros can be edited by right clicking them and selecting edit. This allows you change it slightly as needed without having to save your binds to a text file, find and modify the right bind, and re-enter it manually
  3. Since macros take a place in your power tray, they're easy to organize by form.
  4. Many binds that people do are just powers with emotes or some text. If that's all you want to do, remove the power icon from your tray and replace it with a macro to the same power with the extra emote/text added.

Nova Macros

Prepare for Novasplosion!

These are just samples so you can see what I mean. You'll have to figure out what macros work for you and your character style.

/macro Hug "$target, give me a big squiddy hug!"
/macro Boom "Furious Nova destruction commencing!"

Dwarf Macros

You can threaten anything you can target

These are just samples so you can see what I mean. You'll have to figure out what macros work for you and your character style.

/macro Runr "local $target, you can run, but Imma gonna git ya!"
/macro Grr "em roar$$local RAWR!"

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