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How to Use Petitions

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

A petition is a message that's sent directly to the GMs troubleshooting queue. If you are still in the game by the time they get to your message, they will contact you and enter the game to fix the problem if necessary.

Here are some examples:

  • If a GM shows up, this is what they will look like

    I was on one of the respec trials when one of the enemies we needed to defeat to open the first door of the reactor was accidentaly blown through the wall. Since we couldn't get through the locked door to get to him, we sent a petition and had a GM show up a few minutes later.

    We explained the problem and he popped through the wall. A second later, we hear massive chaos and the GM's life dropped to 0! We laughed our butt's off!

    He showed up a second later and said something like, "Hmmm. That shouldn't have happened." This time he just kept teleporting people fromm the other side of the door to us until we got the key and were able to resume the mission like normal.

    Not many people could claim they've seen a GM's Police Drone get defeated 🙂

  • I was in a rescue mission and I saved everyone, but the mission didn't complete. To be sure, I defeated every enemy in the place thinking that I would eventually find the last hostage. Failing that, I sent a petition and had a GM show up. They led me to the funkiest little stairway that I never knew was there.

    Though I swore the place was empty, sometimes those damn hostages just hide really well.

    Special note! Hitting the TAB key auto-targets enemies that are in your line of sight, even if you can't really see them very well. This is a great way to find hiding hostages or any enemies that have run and hid when doing a "kill all" mission. Also try using a Seek Bind.

  • Remember when I said that bringing a Kheldian on a mission can be a problem? Here's why:

    I was on a team doing a tf when we got to the final room of the mission just before the end of the TF. Guess what was there…A crystal.

    For those of you who aren't saying "Oh Shit! Noooooo! Why God, Why?", you haven't met a crystal.

    A real show stopper. In this picture, you can see my team abandoning a Katie Hannon TF because a crystal showed up. Sucks.

    A crystal works like this: It's a purple crystal (no surprise) that activates as soon as someone from your group gets close enough. The problem is that is is very tough and spawns lesser to greater unbound nictuses. A nictus is a flying thingy that shoots darkness beams and are very tough when there's a lot of them.

    The key here was that we weren't very well balanced as far as our levels go, but we were doing fine so far. When we got to this room, the crystal was sitting peacefully in a crowd of enemies that was fairly tough as it was. As soon as we started attacking, the crystal activated and started spawning stuff. Besides of the level gap in our team, the crystals were all +2 from most of us (even the minions).

    To keep a long story short, we sent a petition and tried several more times (dying each time before giving up). It seems the GMs were too busy right then to help, but there was no way to complete the mission. By the time we quit, there were over 30 of those +2 nictuses! We had no chance.

Anyway, they can't always come to help you in-game, but sometimes they do. Make sure to send the petition as soon as you're sure that there's a problem to give the GMs time to get to your request and respond.

To send a petition, type /petition 0 0 in the chat window or use the menu to get to the same option (I forget where it is in the menu). You can also type /bug and I think it takes you to the same function.

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Seek Bind

A "seek bind" is used to find items, enemies, or anything else that you can target much faster. For example, if your targets are "crates" or have the word crate in their name, type this:

/bind f target_name crate

Then tap F as you run around to auto-target anything that matches "crate" in your line of sight.

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