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Mac Item Pack

This pack gives you access to the special items that were originally reserved only for people who purchased the Mac special edition of the game when it was first released for Apple computers.

As always, there are a series of goodies that make it worth considering buying for your account.

Costume Pieces

Full listing available at Paragonwiki, but here are some of the costumes where I've used Valkyrie set pieces.

Valkyrie wings and head wings
Valkyrie Swords

Costume pieces are always awesome (well not always), but it's certainly not something you're going to pay a booster pack price for. For that, you need to look at this power:


The power to end all powers; probably the best in any booster (though the Martial Arts Booster comes close), it's Mission Teleporter!

Click! You're there!

Activate and transport directly to your active mission's entrance! WOOO!

The only downsides are that there's a 2 hour cooldown period after activating so you'll find yourself holding it for a longer trek instead of using it right away. Also, if you forget to select the mission you want, you may end up accidentally transporting to the wrong mission ( think it's the first one in the mission list).

However, there are so many ways to use this power beyond what you'd normally think. For example, now that you can hold 7 missions, what if you grab one in the RWZ near where the mother ship raids begin? Any time a raid starts, you can click that mission and TP directly to it!

You can use this technique for a variety of hard-to-reach places! I set one in RWZ as described above and another Cimerora for the Imperious task forces. Or in the middle of normal TFs, I usually wait for the really out-there mission in a zone that's really hard to get to and use it then (like from Talos to King's Row or Atlas to Dark Astoria).

And of course you can use it as a "Day Job" transporter. Get a mission in the Shadow Shard and hold the power until you're done playing for the day and want to park. Hit the porter and arrive in the SS then log out. Or click the portal from there into Portal Corp for another day job location.

One technique to maximize its use is to run a mission, then switch to an alt and use it again on them. Keep switching to other characters every other mission or so and you can basically teleport to every mission entrance!


For the time savings of the Mission Teleporter power alone, this pack is worth it. Nuff said… Well not really. Before that, let me share my mission TP bind:

/bind home powexec_name mission transporter

If you want to go "home", just press home 🙂


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