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Have you ever been in Pocket D and wondered what that goofy door is there for? Well that's the Tiki lounge! An exclusive club that only the high-and-mighty can enter 😀

Inside, you'll find a room with a Tiki theme that's kind of cool for screenshots, but also has a bartender who sells inspirations. That by itself is not such a big deal since there are other people in PD that sell them that aren't behind exclusive doors, but there is a tailor so you can change your costume straight away if you feel the urge.

Inside, a nice environment and occasionally live entertainment!
If someone's dancing with a better outfit than you, you can fix that!

The most important advantage to tiki room access is that with the GVE pack, you get a teleporter power that will take you from anywhere in the game (outdoors, in missions, in any zone) and drop you right in the tiki lounge!

Pocket D has a lot of amenities and now with the teleporter, you can instantly reach any of them (the vault, the arena, the superbase portal, and a place to buy inspirations). And of course as a quick-travel hub to various zones, using the teleporter can cut your travel time down to any zone that's hard to reach in other ways (Mercy Island and Faultline for instance).


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Pocket D

Pocket D is a dance club in another dimension where heroes and villains can gather peacefully. It has a variety of amenities and is used for many yearly events (usually Christmas, new years, and valentines)

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