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Final Thoughts on the Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster

Last Modified: September 22, 2010

Woo! 50!

Shazel was something else for me. She was the first blaster I was able to play and enjoy. Besides graphically looking awesome (everything's on fire), your power is unmatched by pretty much anything in the game.

You'll need to learn to use your powers wisely so that you can dish it without dying, but even if you do die, you can come right back (Rise of the Phoenix) and keep on going! If you prefer to avoid debt, get used to popping purple inspirations before most battles to deflect some of the damage or stay on teams. Just be sure to let someone else fully grab the aggro before firing.

If asked whether I recommend this type of character to anyone else, I definitely do. While I like the complexity and utility of Defenders and Controllers (and even some Blaster builds), this is one of the most straightforward, and therefore easiest, characters you can play.

Probably the biggest challenge with a F3 Blaster is learning to control your aggro. There aren't many tanks that can keep the enemy's attention once you start firing!

Also this: Shazel's multi-billion influence build

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