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Door Missions

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

As of issue 13, the mission objectives generally match one or more of the following:

  • Find crate/box/equipment

    Gotta find that study!

    These are easy if you have stealth powers. You just run around, find the Glowies and click on them. You can also hear the glowies from a decent distance away and with good speakers or headphones can tell its direction and distance very well with practice.

    Be careful though because while you're messing with a crate or computer, enemies that are very close will still notice you. A few tips for dealing with this is to hold, confuse, or distract nearby enemies with a pet until you're done and then run away. If you do use a pet, be sure to dismiss it before running to the next area or he'll bring Aggro with him.

    Note that later missions are a lot trickier with their objectives. This particular example just says to find the study, but it also had several desks that needed to be protected.

  • Destroy crates/boxes/equipment

    To complete this mission, I also have to destroy the altar

    You must find and destroy some in-animate thing(s). These are not the same as glowies because they don't glow and they don't make noise. You must actually target all crate-looking things and hope it's the one you want. If it is, you will see a life bar like any other enemy and you whack on it until it explodes or is otherwise destroyed. These can be a total pain to locate and enemies are usually stacked around the object making these missions not much faster than a "kill all".

    Missions like this are a good time to use my Seek Bind

  • Protect crates/boxes/equipment

    Some guys hanging around a desk.
    Where are they going?Back to destroy that desk of course...

    You must find and save some in-animate thing(s) from destruction in some cases, the enemy is standing around the thing and won't attack it until you come close and in others, when you get near the thing, it will trigger waves of attacks from enemies who will head straight for the target unless you get their attention.

    This is a newer mission element and makes things more interesting, but is still a little buggy as of issue 6. Sometimes the waves don't show up for a long time and you leave to see what you missed only to find that they snuck by you somehow and destroyed the thing anyway.

    In other cases, the enemies are unholy-focused on the object no matter what you do preventing you from completing your objective. These missions can be frustrating for that reasons so beware.

    In Croatoa, the last mission in the arc by Skipper is to protect a henge or such, but the enemies completely ignore you most times making it nearly impossible to beat alone. I almost always hold my mission completion for this mission because of it.

  • Kill leader and crew

    Nuons are weak! Ha ha ha!

    You will go to a warehouse/cave/lab and have to find and destroy the leader and the people closest to him. The leader is usually in the furthest place from the entrance (highest floor, deepest cave, furthest room) and they will almost always talk when you get near them which causes his name to appear in your global chat box (which should match the name listed in the mission goal). Even if they don't talk (as they often don't in the later levels), you can point at each enemy with the mouse and it will show their name (or use a Seek Bind if you know their name).

    Sometimes it just says "kill leader" in the mission goal and doesn't give you a special named enemy to look for (usually in later levels). You can try to guess which one it is or if you're lucky, they'll have a special (non-generic) name, but the simplest thing to do is sneak or just run to the end of the mission (if you're tough enough) and start clearing it from the back (since the boss is usually at the very back).

    If you've killed the leader and the mission hasn't ended, first check to see if there was another mission task you hadn't completed yet then start clearing the mission from the location of the leader. Usually it's because you missed one of "his men" and as soon as you kill them, the mission will end.

    There's a newer feature that is supposed to show you the final objective(s) for the mission if you've completed most of the others. I would guess this is to reduce the number of requests for help they get from someone who lost track of a Runner or such.

  • Rescue Hostages

    Rescue 3 generic NPCs

    You will be told how many hostages to find and they're pretty easy to spot by the behavior of the enemies standing in front of the hostage. There are always between two and three and they act in a "we have a hostage" kind of way. You will pick up on this very quickly.

    In this case, the hostages have names

    These can be good because you only have to rescue the hostages, but depending on the density of the enemies and the difficulty of finding some of those danged hostages, this kind will often become a "Kill all". This is because you will sometimes not be able to extract the hostages without attracting the other enemies or because there's a hostage hidden so well, that if you don't kill everything, you'll never be able to keep track of where you've been and where you haven't.

  • Escort/Kidnap Hostages

    This is the same as a hostage mission except that once you save them, you have to actually lead them to the mission exit. This really sucks because you not only have to go all the way back to the beginning, but you get ambushed a few times on the way.

    There's no way to tell ahead of time if a rescue mission will require an escort or not. You just have to save them and see. But keep in mind that ANY Radio mission that includes the word "Rescue" in the title is an escort mission (same for Villain kidnap missions)

    The only good thing about escorting is that sometimes the NPC will help! For example, the fortuneteller mission used to be a simple rescue and is now an escort, but she uses powers to fight with you on the way. It makes the mission much more interesting than it used to be (though sometimes the NPC dies and you fail so be careful).

  • "Kill (arrest) all" missions

    Mass destruction! Whee!

    These are the "if it moves, kill it" kind of mission and are about the most aggravating when you're trying to get through quickly for a mission bonus. If you're playing a squishy character type, this can take a while (though changes to inherent powers for controllers and defenders and the advanced difficulty control has helped).

    To make the most of it, form a quick team. You will be able to move quicker and get better experience by bringing along more people. This is particularly important if you're trying to get it done in a hurry. For example, if dinner is starting and you suddenly find that you took timed kill all mission, you better get some help if you want to finish it without drawing family aggro

    Note that in "kill all" missions, most other mission tasks don't matter anymore. This is because if you kill everything, you'll have rescued everyone, found all glowies, defeated all "leaders", and protected or destroyed any objects.

    If you find that you're having trouble getting through missions with any kind of speed, try lowering your Mission Difficulty (Noteriety)

  • Simultaneous Action

    There are very few missions like this, but they require a certain number of team members to complete. The goal is to find the glowies, but you and your team have to touch them at the same time. The story is usually something like having to disarm two bombs at the same time or hacking into a computer system using three terminals at the same time.

    The key thing to note here is that you MUST have teammates with you (or a second account it.

Special Topics

Timed Missions

Time is running out... One hour and 9 minutes remaining.

Timed missions are a real pain because you can't walk away from them and finish later (which busy people with real lives might have to do now and then). They're really not a problem as long as you don't have to suddenly deal with a family issue (like the kid just wet their pants or the wife is burning the kitchen to the ground).

For example, there was one time I didn't realize I had a two part mission. At the end of the first one, a second timed mission began automatically. I finished a different mission that had been waiting and checked for the next one and saw that I only had 8 minutes left to finish the second part of the first mission that I didn't know I had.

Oh, hell no!

Even then, because I had stealth powers, I was able to get to the mission and finish it in time. The challenge comes later when the time limits get smaller and the mission gets tougher. For example, in the figure here, you see wolves. Lots of them. As a defender, there's no way I can take that many alone.

As it was, only with the help of a higher level tank who worked really fast was I able to complete the mission (barely) in time.

Also keep in mind that the timer runs from the time you accept the mission. If you discover you need to form a team, the time will keep running.

Train missions

To get to these missions, you go to any train in any zone and click on it like you were going to go to a different zone and your mission will be listed there. You will be taken to a small section of a normal city zone which is walled off with a blue force field where you will do your mission (which can have any combination of the objectives above).

This is hard as heck because a warehouse/lab/cave mission is very linear and well mapped, but in these missions, stuff is even harder to find. I've circled around for long periods of time trying to find that last glowie or the the last enemy in a "kill all". These missions are easy to Sneak, but can take a really long time.

On the other hand, one advantage to a train mission is the lack of travel time. If you put together a team, they can go to the nearest train rather than come to your zone. When you've finished the mission, everyone goes back to the zone they came from which helps them resume where they left off if they don't want to stay with the team after completing the misison.

Even better, you can access train missions from Ouroboros

Police Band Missions

A police scanner is one of your contacts now.

To be able to do these, you need to get a scanner. Once you have it, you can just listen to the scanner to get a mission. The missions are random, but you get to choose from three possible options (so you can skip those annoying rescue missions for example).

There's no story plot to these, but once you've done three to five in a zone, you'll get a Safeguard mission. The best parts of this is that the missions are always in the same zone and you never have to run to a contact for them. They're also easy to drop for the same reason.

Replace radio with newspaper and Safeguard with Mayhem for Villains, but it works the exact same way.

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Seek Bind

A "seek bind" is used to find items, enemies, or anything else that you can target much faster. For example, if your targets are "crates" or have the word crate in their name, type this:

/bind f target_name crate

Then tap F as you run around to auto-target anything that matches "crate" in your line of sight.

[Click for full description]

Dropping Missions

Every 3 days you can drop one of your missions, but still get full experience as if you had completed it normally. [Click for full description]

Seek Bind

A "seek bind" is used to find items, enemies, or anything else that you can target much faster. For example, if your targets are "crates" or have the word crate in their name, type this:

/bind f target_name crate

Then tap F as you run around to auto-target anything that matches "crate" in your line of sight.

[Click for full description]


Police Band Scanner

The police band scanner (a.k.a "radio") is a special contact that allows you to pick up random missions from anywhere in your current zone. While the missions are one-shots, they can be retrieved quickly which is good for teams and allow you to do Safeguard missions. [Click for full description]