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Safeguard/Mayhem Mission Travel Powers
Use the temporary travel power rewards from early Safeguard missions to avoid having to get a real travel power for a long time.
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About Warshade Powers

Last Modified: July 28, 2010

Since Jordan Yen was a D3, transitioning to a Warshade made sense. Not only does it have dark powers as well, many of those powers are decidedly Defenderish. Holds, immobilization, stealth, and friend teleport… That and many WS powers need either a living or defeated enemy to work similar to the dark power set for defenders. I was used to this playstyle and therefore wasn't bothered by what many feel is a drawback to WS's. In reality, it felt more like merging Jordan with a Blaster.

Warshade Inherent Powers

It should be noted that a WS's secondary effect on all powers is slow. Therefore, every time you hit an enemy, they become slower than before. This is more of a control technique than the pb who's secondary effect is lowered defense. I used this to my advantage, as the recharge rate on most kheldian powers is comparatively long.

The second thing to note is there are so many powers available that slots become very valuable. Only slot powers beyond the auto-slot if you really use them. That being said, if I list more than the auto-slot for a power, it's because I think it's that good :D.

The classic three

With the inherent travel power and the tri-form nature of the WS, you really don't need any of these powers. You might use brawl in early levels just as a filler attack, and you might need rest until you get your Nova form at level 6 (unless you go all human), at any reasonable level beyond 8 or so, these can be safely left blank.

01: BrawlCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
01: SprintCity of Heroes: empty enhancement01
02: RestCity of Heroes: empty enhancement02

Realistically, I don't bother slotting either Sprint or Rest after the first 10 levels or so. If you switch forms enough, you'll never use Sprint and you tend not to need Rest either.

Shadow Step

Teleport the WS way

You have this power from level 1 and it works exactly like the Power Pool version except with different colors. To use if effectively, bind it to a key just like you would for Teleport.

/bind shift "powexec_name Shadow Step"

This activates the teleport power and gives you a target on the screen so you can choose where to teleport. Note that if the target is red, you can't teleport there (though this is really stupid. You should be able to teleport to any location on the screen that the target touches).

Oops, It spun me away from my target

The moment you come out of the teleport, hit the shift key again to bring up your target. You'll have to figure out the timing because if you go to fast (as of issue 7), the game gets confused and will spin you around teleporting you to the left or right randomly.

Generally, the few seconds they give you to hover before falling is enough to pick your next target and if you need more time, are running out of end_reduce, or want to fly the rest of the way to your target for safety reasons (so you don't pop out in the middle of a large group), switch to nova form. You'll easily change before you begin falling (especially if you bind the power to a key as I recommended earlier).

Note that you don't actually get Nova Form until level 6 at least, but that's the first time you can choose a Power Pool power anyway.

Minimum SlottingCity of Heroes: end_reduce enhancementCity of Heroes: range enhancementCity of Heroes: range enhancement

Up to level 34, I found that I didn't really have enough slots available to give more than two slots to Shadow Step. Even then, I am still able to outrun nearly anyone to a mission.

Shadow Recall

Doing cool things with Shadow Recall

The same as the Recall Friend power from the Teleportation Power Pool with better colors 🙂

/bind f12 "team $target! I am opening a portal through the darkness!$$powexec_name shadow recall"

Set with a custom message, but this it to tell your target that you are teleporting them. This is especially useful if you have more than one person on a team who can teleport team members so they know not to tp the same person as you.

You can see from this picture that I have teleported my whole team to the boss of the mission. If you look in the chat window, you can also see my bind in action 🙂

Minimum SlottingCity of Heroes: interrupt enhancement

You want to slot it with interrupt reduction because if there's a team mate in trouble, you need to get them out fast. Every second can count.

Power Pool Recommendations

  • Fighting

    If you're desperate for the defensive bonuses of the last two powers in this set, go for it, but the melee range attacks are a waste considering you have plenty of more powerful stuff to choose from in your Primary and Secondary powersets.
  • Concealment

    Waste. You already have your own versions of Stealth and Phase Shift where yours have additional abilities and look cooler
  • Presence

    Eh, I'm not really seeing a use for this. Maybe for a Peacebringer who's built for human form fighting.
  • Medicine

    If you were dying to be more of a Defender-like character, go for it, but I personally didn't with my WS.
  • Leadership

    Toggles are kind of a pain for form-changers. If you plan to make an all-human WS, then maybe.
  • Teleportation

    You're locked out of this pool. You can't take it even if you want to.
  • Fitness

    There are some Archetypes and builds that can skip the Stamina series. Warshades are one of them. By level 22 you get Stygian Circle which drains dead guys for life and endurance. Because of this, you will be full force after every battle so you can actually skip the Fitness pool entirely.
  • Speed

  • Though you have to switch to human form to use Hasten, it's worth it. Between your nova, your dwarf, and human powers, you can launch power after power like crazy! The other power I recommend here is Super Speed. You already have a WS brand of Stealth and you get the WS Recall Friend power automatically so you only need one more power for the all-powerful Sneak and TP combo.
  • Leaping

  • You have Teleport by default, you have fly with Nova form, you have resistance to everything that Acrobatics can give you with Dwarf. There's no point to this pool at all.
  • Fly

  • You're locked out of this pool. You can't take it even if you want to.

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