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Bind Rotation

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

So now that you get the basics of how a bind is put together, you might still be wondering why to use one. Well, adding text to a power is fun, but it gets a little dull saying the same thing over and over after a while right? Well, here's the next step; bind rotation.

One of the commands you can use in a bind string is to load another bind file. I experimented with a lot of different ways to describe what I'm about to show you, and nothing makes sense so I'll just show you. Hold on to your hat:

Gettin' r' done

  1. Create a folder called "binds" in your C: drive
  2. Create a subfolder for your character in the "binds" folder. Since my character is Screaming Gale (in this case), I'll use "gale". Keep your file names short! There's a limit to how long a bind can be.
  3. Create two files, "gale_ls1.txt" and "gale_ls2.txt".
  4. Put bind commands in each file as follows

    In gale_ls1.txt

    0 "l WHEE! LOK AT THE PERTY CLUOD!$$powexecname lightning storm$$bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls2.txt"

    In gale_ls1.txt

    0 "l LOOK! I MADE A FLUFFY CLOD$$powexecname lightning storm$$bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls1.txt"

  5. In your chat window, type "/bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls1.txt"

OMG!!! What did I make you do!!!?

Relax. I'll explain…

What that crap all means

Starting with #5, what you've done is executed a command that loads a bind file. Inside the bind file is a list of key and command pairs. You should have noticed by now that you don't put /bind in front of the binds in a bindfile because it's assumed.

SO now that you've loaded "gale_ls1.txt", the 0 key has automatically been bound to this command:

"l WHEE! LOK AT THE PERTY CLUOD!$$powexecname lightning storm$$bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls2.txt"

Let's break it down…


    A lowercase l followed by a space works exactly the same as typing the full word for "local". I do that only to save space due to the whole bind length limit, but you don't have to. In either case, this simply says something in local chat.

  • $$

    Command separator. This has to be between all command combinations.

  • powexecname lightning storm

    Activates the lightning storm power. You may have noticed that in the last page, I used "powexec_name" and now I'm using "powexecname" without the underscore. Here's another tip that will come in handy: the bind commands don't care if you use underscores or not. Getting rid of them saves space, keeping them makes them more readable. Use as desired.

  • $$

    Command separator again.

  • bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls2.txt

    This is not complicated, but important so pay attention!

    What this does is simply load a new bind file. If you followed my instructions, the only bind command in that file will be this:

    0 "l LOOK! I MADE A FLUFFY CLOD$$powexecname lightning storm$$bindloadfile c:\binds\gale\gale_ls1.txt"

    So, NOW, the 0 key is bound to a different command string.

In English

6 binds for Placate

Ok, so when you used "bindloadfile" to load the "gale_ls1.txt" file, it bound a command to the 0 key that would do the following:

  • Say some text in local chat
  • Execute the lightning storm power
  • Load a new bind for the number 0 (gale_ls2.txt)

Because the final command in each file is to load the other file, every time you hit 0, the commands will toggle back and forth, back and forth. If you really do understand all this, that you'll quickly realize that it would be easy to add a 3rd or 4th or 5th file in the mix by just having the last line of each command load the next bind file in order.

Using this technique, you can have the same power bound to the same button, but have the text rotate between however many bindfiles you care to create. For example, my stalker has the "P" key bound to a string of files that rotates through all of the Jedi Mind trick quotes from the Starwars movies before using the placate power.

Look at the rotation in the chat window

On the right, you can see her placating a Longbow over and over to demonstrated the bind rotation. In the chat window above, you can see it mention "Keybinds file loaded" and you can see it rotate up in numbers and back to 1.

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