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Choosing an Archetype

Last Modified: May 31, 2021

Archetype First

In some cases, you will know what AT you want before anything else. A classic example is when you get your first character to 50 and unlock the Kheldian Archetypes. Another example is someone who has become bored of one AT (say, a Scrapper) and wants to try something else instead.

Pit Brawler

Archetype from Name

Say you've already picked out the name and that name is "The Pit Brawler". This would fit a Tank, Brute, or Scrapper, but would be a stretch for most other ATs. If your name is "Squid Kid", you're probably making a Kheldian (one of the shapeshifting forms for Kheldians is commonly referred to as a "squid").

Archetype from Powers

More often than not, though, the main reason to pick a particular AT is because of the powers you chose. If, for example, you have your heart set on making a hero with storm powers, you can only choose Controller or Defender (Corruptor or Mastermind for Villains). If you just have to have a giant sword, Scrapper or Stalker is your only choice. If you're character uses fire on one hand, and ice on the other, you can only be a Blaster, Tank, Corruptor, or Dominator.

This ain't no squishy Defender

Archetype from Costume

If your concept is built around a particular costume piece, some ATs will fit better than others. Granted, you may want to bust up the stereotypes for the sake of a particular story or concept, but in general, I think some of the best designed characters are the ones who's look alone tells you about them.

Archetype from Story

I don't think I've every personally done this since it's far more common to pick the AT then the story. However, it can be done and it can be fun:

  • Defender

    John Unknown's father was a doctor so he grew up in a hospital watching people get sick and die. He chose a life of helping others, gained powers somehow and put them to use.

  • Tank

    A kid who constantly got beat up on the playground so swore to train himself as the ultimate protector of innocents (story line for a Natural Origin Tanker).

  • Dominator

    Jimmy Nobody gets tired of being teased and rejected swearing that somehow he'll make them listen to him and do what he says. Then he comes into his powers and shows them who's boss.

Archetype from Origin

Yeah, not seeing that at all. Origin might help you with story, costume, powers, and even name, but AT is a stretch. A good story writer can make any Origin map to any Archetype or power.

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