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Character Origin

Last Modified: May 31, 2021

There are five Origins in the game each of which describes a different way that your hero gained their powers. That decision alone can be the catalyst for the rest of character generation.

Remember, you can always make any origin work for any character through creative story writing, but there are some differences between them when it comes to the game. Most notably the kind of enemies you'll face, the origin-specific power, and custom titles.

Origin First

In this case, you know how you want your character to have come by their powers. Maybe an accident, maybe a trauma of some kind, maybe years and years of training. Origin pretty much leads into story, which leads to powers and AT, then finally costume.

Origin from Name

If you already have the name, an origin may come out of that.

  • Gadget Man – Technology
  • Radiated Researcher – Science
  • Circus Strongman – Mutant
  • Trained Assassin – Natural
  • Warlock Draco – Magic

Realistically, this is pretty rare. Most of the time, the origin will come from other things than name.

Origin from Archetype

Any origin works for any AT. It's really more about the powers in the AT that define an origin.

Origin from Story

This is pretty straightforward. The background story is all about how your character got their power so as you write, the origin will naturally pop out. As opposed to picking origin first, in this case you may not know exactly how they got their powers until you start writing their story.

Origin from Powers

By far the easiest. If you already know the powers, now just just have to think about how they got them. For example: I know I want The Evil Gardener to have Plant Control/Thorny Assault as powers (this is a Dominator villain). Did he find technology to control plants? That seems unlikely. Was it magic? Hmm, that has possibilities. Natural? I like this one because I imagine someone in tune with nature who knows rare plants and how to use them. This could make a good story.

I'm thinking Tech for this one

Origin from Costume

Certain costume pieces lend towards different Origins. For example, the hood makes me think of a magic user while any robotic parts pretty much screams Technology.

Well, when all is said and done, this section is small because origin is really best picked based on the reasons listed on the page describing origins, even if it's a stretch for your character theme.

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