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Character Stories

Last Modified: May 31, 2021

Making a story isn't necessary, but I've noticed that I tend to like and play characters with stories much more than those without them. If you're not too good with stories, but want one for your character, ask for help in the Rebirth Forums forums.

Story First

You might know or have heard about a situation that you think really needs a character. The bullied kid in school example that I used before for instance. Another might be a martial artist who roams the world gathering more and more powerful techniques.

Story from Name

Some names just give you the story. The Mad Onion, Para-Noid, Grease Monkey, BallBuster etc. If you have trouble starting a story, just answer this question: "How did X get this name?"

You show me respect or I show you pain

She may have started as just the gang leader's girl, but the grunts soon learned to treat her with respect. She was rutheless, and cold, but loyal to her group. She earned the name "BallBuster" when the boss slapped her for scratching his bike and she meekly responded by crushing his, ah… organs with a baseball bat. No one questioned her when she assumed command and by the time the boss came out of the hospital, the gang was fully hers.

This one's Definitely shaping up to be a Thug Mastermind.

Story from Origin

Generally it's the other way around, but if you do manage to think of an Origin first, story is easy. For example, say you've decided that a science accident caused the powers. Who was involved in the accident? Was it a researcher, a bystander, or someone who wasn't even nearby? What caused the accident? Where did the accident happen?

"Research subjects wanted", read the headline in the paper that Harry Grundson picked up. Age-B-Gone was designed to reverse the effects of aging with only natural substances. It sounded safe enough and he needed the money so he walked to the address listed in the ad.

He arrived late and sat in the back of the room where about 20 other people were already listening to the head "nutritionist". The last thing he remembered was an intern handing him his three brightly colored pills and a small paper cup full of water.

The rest depends on what powers I want him to have.

Story from Archetype

Archetype gives you some characteristics to work with. For example, Tanks are tough, Scrappers are powerful and resiliant, Stalkers are masters of stealthy surprise attacks, and Masterminds have henchmen. This gives you a great starting point for the character of your… uh, character.

Story from Powers

This almost always goes back to Origin in that you'll be writing about how your character got these powers. For example, I just have to have a Ninja Blade. Well, where did my character get the blade? Did they find it or was it given to them? Were they trained in battle or is the weapon superior technology/magical/possessed? Etc. etc.

Even when Jordan was young, her mother knew she was different. She'd never known anyone to have such deep black eyes. And late at night before her mother would turn on the night light in her nursery, her mother could swear they gave off a faint purple light.

When she began eating solids, Jordan would drop food she didn't like into the shadows under her chair. But, when her mother came to clean up later, the food was gone. "The dog must have eaten it," she thought. Later when she began to walk, she would be found hiding in the closest, the basement, the dryer and any other place that was dark. She had learned to talk very early and would explain how she could talk to her shadow friends, but only in dark places. Her father assumed she meant imaginary friends, but her mother suspected otherwise.

This is the story of Jordan's early days. Jordan of course is my Dark Defender and the star of my comic.

Story from Costume

You're flipping through and see the gladiator armor. Maybe the demon horns inspire you. How about a gas mask? She's got one robotic arm? How did that happen? Sometimes costume pieces inspire stories where you try to think of why your character is that way. He's got a third eye? Wonder what that was like as a kid.

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